HUD-1 Head Up Display System

Short description

HUD-1 Head Up Display System
Topcon's Head Up Display HUD-1: a powerful tool to digitize your PASCAL laser treatment. Read more>

Key Features

  • Improve clinical efficacy; image overlay on your live view of the retina
  • Improve workflow
  • Less fatigue for operator
  • More clinical information during operation

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The Topcon Head Up Display System HUD-1 is a new accessory for retinal photo coagulation. The Head Up Display HUD-1 is compatible with the Pascal Synthesis and Twinstar Pattern Scanning Lasers.

The HUD-1is an ophthalmic viewer which is placed between the slit lamp binocular and the magnification house of the Synthesis or Twinstar. The HUD-1 provides images such as ICG, FA and OCT as an overlay on top of the real-time observation. That implicates that you can observe simultaneously the live image and the projected image of your choice.